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"Ya Allah best giler kain lizzie pant set ya!!tak rase nyesal beli 2..tambah lagi 2. Lembut kain cantik!!"

Cheqya | Lizzie Pants Set

"Kain lembut sangat, I suka yang dress tu selesa"

Aisyah | Lizzie Long Top

"Cantiklaa ibah, kain dia mmg best sangat ni. Pinggang seluar kalini elok2 je tak ketat, L/XL ni loose mmg best la buat tidur"

Awscarf | Lizzie Pants Set

"Saya dah beli sepasang. Sekali best. Hope RH cepat2 keluarkan smula pyjamas."

Syifa Zinsyifa | Lizzie Pants Set

"Salam, saya dah terima parcel..Alhamdulillah..suka sangat kain lizzie pants" 

Ariebah | Lizzie Pants Set

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Who We Are?

Who We Are?

Rayyan Haya' provides a modest clothing line for women to be able to dress fashionably while still being able to keep their modesty in check. We provide a variety of... Read More

Story of Rayyan & Haya'

The term Rayyan Haya' is a combination of two Arabic words; Rayyan ريَّان is the name of one of the doors of Paradise, according to Islamic tradition. Lexically, the word... Read More
Story of Rayyan & Haya'